Acheri Demon Haunting: The True Story of Paranormal Case 263

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The case all Paranormal Investigators want & fear

The TRUE STORY of Paranormal Case 263

Nonfiction occult book by Corker & Tatyanna Johnston

In April 2010

a group of paranormal researchers began

seventy-two hour investigation at a home 

near Rush City, Minnesota.

Within just three hours… They fled in horror.

Authors & paranormal investigators Corker Johnston & Tatyanna Johnston take us into the terrifying & tormenting details of RCPS Rush City Paranormal Society’s 6-month long case that continues to shock the paranormal community. From a demonic attack & possession, alien encounter, humanoid & UFO eyewitnesses, premonition dreams, MUFON reports, an eighty-year history of unexplained child deaths, to a dimensional portal and the Chippewa Acheri Legend.

Theories and insights into the possible demon-alien and fallen angels-ancient alien connections are presented through scriptures and experts. Actual ghost photos and a photo taken of the Acheri demon just moments before the gruesome attack are also included in the pages.


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Authors Corker & Tatyanna's appearance on Darkness Radio on Twin Cities News Talk.

About Author Corker Johnston

Internationally renown for his contributions to the paranormal field, Corker Johnston was born in Braham, Minnesota, on June 2, 1972, and grew up just outside of Rush City, Minnesota, the same town of which he resides near today. Co-Author Corker Johnston is the CEO and founder of RCPS Rush City Paranormal Society, a radio show host, a paranormal researcher, a public speaker, an artist, and an author. Johnston's work in paranormal field spans back over two decades. 

About Author Tatyanna Johnston

Daughter of Corker Johnston and born in 1997, Tatyanna Johnston also lives just outside of Rush City, Minnesota. She is a leader of RCPS Rush City Paranormal Society and has been involved in the paranormal field for several years due to the gifts she was born with and has actively used. Tatyanna is also an artist, a singer, a web designer, and an author.